Ping Foundation formerly known as Crazy Amigos is an open source community lead by a bunch of tech enthusiasts focusing on open source product development and free training. A team of tech professionals, students and aficionados with the mission to make the world a better place by driving the youth to excellence. Be part of PING FOUNDATION to get motivated and explore open source in all it's beauty...

The viable and valuable goal is to launch programs to address the critical need of advanced education by providing a career ladder and opportunities for growth.


Open Source Product Development

Next-generation technologies are increasingly developed and refined in open source projects. Be part of our open source product development which will eventually offers a plethora of benefits...

Free Training

Ping Foundation with the support of experts from various technical field, have come up with free training programs to help students become professionals.


Workshops and conferences will helps in gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. Be part of our workshops and grab the opportunity to get acquainted with technical skills.

Expert Talk

Want to hear about trending technologies ? Be with us to get updated with latest technology from industry experts..


We organize meetups and brainstorming sessions where experts will share innovations on different sectors. Join and be part of awesome community.

Investor Connect

Looking to raise funds for your startup ??? Join with us to get connected with investors and get funded.

Product Solutions

Are you an entrepreneur struggling with your product? We are here to provide you with all product related solutions. All you have to do is to approach us...

Incubation Support

Do you have a great startup idea ? We are ready to provide needed incubation support. We help you to transform your idea into product...


Ping Foundation have been regularly organizing different programs aiming to develop a technical community of young technology aspirants and helping them to learn through open source product hosting.


PING FOUNDATION has its own in-house products under the banner of YENG apps.


Yeng is the next generation mobile app which leverages bleeding edge technology to better enhance your alma mater experience through participation from fellow students, faculties and the general public. Experience and streamline your University life like never before using Yeng.

Kerala Blockchain Hub

PING FOUNDATION is launching Kerala Blockchain Hub in order to collaborate all the Blockchain related activities.

Event Sponsors

We have numerous event sponsors in the main cities of India, extending all the resources necessary while holding the idea pitching events, products launching event so on and so forth. We are also happy to take free sessions in colleges and companies on supporting us necessary space and resources.

Technical Support

Right from the beginning, PING FOUNDATION have had great technical support from Big-name companies in the industry. And we are continually receiving many more as well. Apart from the goodwill, sponsors get worthy visibility that benefits them in future as well.

Testimonial Videos

Join Us

Want to share your views? Join the team here? There will be bunch of questions that would come to your mind. Don’t worry we will help you with solutions. We always welcome the brilliant minds out there to interact with us. So, come, join PING FOUNDATION ! Let’s help make the world a better place by driving the youth towards excellence .

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